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A reverb effect simulates a mild reverberation that is created when a sound is reflected in space. Whether an electric guitar/bass or other electric or acoustic instruments, all sounds accompany reverberation in space before reaching human ears. The sound that is created for an ideal reverberation heard in the best spot in space is what an instrument at its best can offer.
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Art nr: 1059325
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"This was my fourth model added to BJF-line 2002. This is a low gain device designed to do dynamic overdrive and in memory of small amplifiers that neither has relatively enough distortion or treble and that give in to distortion when you strike hard.
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Art nr: 1059322
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One Control Persian Green Screamer aims to attain the ultimate form of tube screamer circuit. ?It?s been decades,? said BJF while easily completing the circuit. He made a circuit that was like no other TS circuits by combining the original TS circuit and his own creativity.
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Art nr: 1059324
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Sea Turquoise Delay offers a delay effect that is unique among the existing delay effects. The pristine and clear delay tones never existed with pre-digital delay technologies but the sound created by Sea Turquoise Delay contains tones that remind us of vintage “echo.”
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Art nr: 1059327
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Think of this as the best sounding American amp you have ever played. At any volume. And you can keep it in your gig bag. It sounds ridiculous but please, come by us and play it.
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Art nr: 1060602
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Designed by pedal guru Bjorn Juhl (BJF/BJFe), the One Control Baby Blue Overdrive is based on the BJFe creation FUZZ 1 (originally released in 2000), utilizing a discrete circuit that combines dynamic overdrive and fuzz. The Baby Blue OD produces sublime tone at reduced rhythm volumes as well as cranked up lead output, whether set to a low gain clean, or a saturated wall of sound. Often compared to the most sought after boutique American style tube amplifier, the Baby Blue OD utilizes the finest modern components, painstakingly selected and tuned by Bjorn Juhl himself, to produce this classic, NOS sound.
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Art nr: 1059320
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The Rebel Red Distortion is a custom recreation of the famous and extremely sought-after BJF Dyna Red Distortion (released in 2001), which allows the player to create a thick and dark BJF-like tone while maintaining controllability of the distortion.
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Art nr: 1059326
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If you’re into effects in any capacity, you’re likely familiar with Bjorn Juhl, otherwise known as BJF or BJFE. If you’re not, his designs are 100 percent original and are 100 percent awesome. The Strawberry Red Overdrive is one such circuit, and it’s as killer as one might expect; but there’s a catch: It’s in the tiniest enclosure you can imagine.
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Art nr: 1059328
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