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Deluxe Music      Fridhemsgatan 40      Stockholm
08-566 31 800
Mån-Fre: 10-18      Lör: 11-16      Sön: Stängt

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Beat making powerhouse. Compact, rugged and to the point. Digitakt is a formidable drum machine. With an astounding feature set and an exquisite digital sound engine, the stage is set for a striking encounter.
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Art nr: 1052191
Inkommer 2018-07-25
Add sparkly brilliance, or grimy roughness, to any sound source. Samplers, drum machines, synths, the master bus, you name it. Analog Heat MKII is a fiery furnace destined to make your music glow.
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Art nr: 1057314
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Digitone is a very special eight voice digital synthesizer. It combines a modernized FM implementation with a classic subtractive synthesis signal flow, making it a powerful source of highly unique tones and timbres.
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Art nr: 1055623
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Soundtoys Summersale 18


  • M4000D, M4000D Mini & Nya Micro i lager för omg leverans!


iD44 har inspirerats av Audients tjugoåriga erfarenhet av analog hårdvarudesign och är företagets kraftfullaste ljudinterface hittills. Med fyra Class A mikrofonpreamps från Audient, förstklassig AD/DA-omvandling, ADAT-expansion med mera, levererar iD44 samma ljudprestanda som ett stort Audientmixerbord och ger dig det professionella ljud du förtjänar.
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Art nr: 1055662
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The Alhambra 2CA from Alhambra Guitars.This beautiful spanish classical guitar from Alhambra Guitars features solid Cedar Top, Mahogany back and sides. Newly designed with – like all Alhambras – great attention to details. You enjoy two borders of tropical wood, black inlay between border and a beautiful light wood headstock. 3 layers of varnish make this guitar looking so good, unbelievable for the price. Mellow sound, fun to strum, easy differentiation between strings when finger-picking. A loud and clear sound strikes you, along with a much larger range of tonal possibilities than any competitors’ model. Now with Free Alhambra soft bag included!!
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Art nr: 1057040
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Integrerad hård- och mjukvarusystem med sampler, arranger, mixer, effekter m.m.
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Art nr: 1054060
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Representing a new way of thinking about guitarists and technology, Helix is like no other guitar processor that you’ve seen before. Immense care was taken to assemble a palette of tools that would let musicians quickly recreate the sound they hear in their head, without sonic compromise.
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Art nr: 1048852
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Return of a legend On its launch in 1960, the U 67 was quickly adopted as the new studio standard because of its extraordinary versatility and sound quality.
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Art nr: 1055614
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Alla 20 Soundtoys plug-ins. Inkl nya Little Plate, Sie-Q EchoBoy-Jr, Effect Rack, PrimalTap, och Little AlterBoy. Ingen dongle krävs. 2 Auktoriseringar!
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Art nr: 1014474
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Detail | Clarity | Density | Loudness INTENSITY is a new kind of audio processor for mixing, mastering and sound design. Built on techniques typically found in facial recognition algorithms
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Art nr: 1057284
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Professionell load box för rör-gitarrförstärkare. Den har inbyggda effekter samt emuleringar av studiomikrofoner och högtalarkabinett, med både analoga och digitala utgångar.
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Art nr: 1055665
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Connects to your Mac or PC with Thunderbolt™, Hi-speed USB 2.0 or AVB/TSN Ethernet for up to 256 audio channels (128 in and 128 out). Class-compliant firmware and industry standard drivers work with any audio apps. Connects to iPad™ with a standard camera connection kit (adapter).
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Art nr: 1056281
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Fullversion Innehåller 45 produkter, över 13,000 sounds, och över 155 GB instrument och pluggar
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Art nr: 1050077
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