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Sonnox Oxford Inflator Native

A unique and powerful Plug-In to increase loudness, without sacrificing sonic quality or dynamic range.

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Add power and presence to your mix without the pumping of compression, or use on individual channels to bring them forward and add weight. Perfect to help vocals cut through the mix. When driven harder, Inflator delivers tube-like musical warmth and provides the ‘sonic glue’ you need to gel your mix together! “Inflator is a rare Plug-In…I can’t live without it. It simply makes everything sound better...” “Just the right amount of Inflator will breathe life into anything you run through it!


  • Louder mixes without the issues associated with compressors
  • Add apparent dynamic range to previously clipped signals
  • Simple user interface
  • Flexible Direct and Band-split modes
  • A long-time secret weapon of audio professionals
  • Our best-selling Plug-In!