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In 1976, we began servicing ribbon microphones, and by 1998 we were manufacturing 100% of the parts for the RCA 44. We decided to release our version of the 44 and thus was born AEA Ribbon Mics.


Since the creation of the R44C, AEA has expanded into designing and building new ribbon microphones, each with a unique application and function, using the same RCA traditions. Over the years, AEA has advanced ribbon technology, using new materials and updated manufacturing techniques. We now make a whole line of ribbon mics that each give musicians a unique sonic signature.

Every microphone in the AEA line has been developed to fill the needs and solve problems of engineers and musicians alike. Before ever putting a microphone up to a test rig, we always listen to it first. A microphone may measure well, but it doesn’t mean it sounds good. At AEA, we make sure that every microphone sounds good and fits musically right in your mic locker. As Duke Ellington famously said, “If it sounds good, it is good.”

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