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Bandmikrofon, <20 Hz to >20 kHz, inkl: hårt case, mickklyka, tygfodral.

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The NUVO N22 is a modern near-field and active ribbon mic with a rugged lightweight design, extended top-end clarity, and reduced proximity effect making it perfect for close miking of instruments.

  • Extended top end with a ribbon’s classic warmth
  • Near-field ribbon mic with reduced proximity effect
  • Balanced frequency response at 1 to 18 inches from the source
  • Compact, lightweight design with rugged durability
  • Active electronics and custom transformer optimized for all preamps
  • Made in the U.S.A




Operating Principle: Pressure gradient transducer
Directional Pattern: Bidirectional
Frequency Range: <20 Hz to >20 kHz
Maximum SPL: 141 dB SPL (1% third harmonic > 1 kHz)
Sensitivity: 8.3 mV/Pa (at 1 kHz, no load)
Output Impedance: 92 Ω broadband
Polar Response: Native bidirectional, figure-of-8 pattern
Weight: 12 oz (335 g)