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Y-kabel. 1 in, 5 ut grenkabel för DC strömförsörjning till effektpedaler
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Art nr: 1001217
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The PSA-230S is the recommended power supply for products including all new BOSS Compact and Twin pedals, ME-50/-20/-20B Multi-effects, the DB-66/-88/-90 metronomes, DR-Series drum machines, FC-Series foot controllers, MC-202, SH-101, SP-202, TR-626, and all TU-Series tuners.

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Art nr: 1001733
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professional advanced ultra-compact multi-output expander power supply for effect pedals
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Art nr: 1066589
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Keep your pedals powered all night long with the MXR DC Brick, a revamp of the DCB10. Now under the MXR brand, the new DC Brick features all of the short circuit and overload protection of the original but now handles twice the power, allowing you to use virtually any combination of effects.
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Art nr: 1038349
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Iso-Brick är liten och lätt men full av tyst, brusfri DC-ström redo att köra en mängd av pedaler. De tio utgångarna är fullt isolerade vilket eliminerar jordningsstörningar. MXR-teamet har gett pedalens utgångar olika ström- och spänning. 2 st. 9V/100mA, 2 st. 9V/300mA, 2 st. 9V/450mA, 2 st. 18V/250m, 2 st. 6-15V/250mA.
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Art nr: 1045740
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Smidig power supply för pedalbordet. Med smarta finesser så som gröna LED-indikatorer som indikerar om pedaler strömförsörjs på ett korrekt sätt.
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Art nr: 1059270
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Nätadapter för Boss GT-10, Edirol PCR 300, 500 och 800, PC-50 samt till BCB-60. 9V DC, 2000mA.
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Art nr: 1013506
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Have a pedal with a 2.5mm jack that requires center positive polarity? Connect our 2.5mm reverse polarity cable to Zuma or Ojai and power your inverted-polarity pedals.
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Art nr: 1053299
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Never worry about power again. Zuma is the highest horsepower, most technologically advanced effects pedal power supply of its kind. Zuma offers nine high-current, individually isolated, ultra-low-noise outputs—each with its own dedicated regulator and custom transformer. Designed to meet the needs of today’s players, each output provides a staggering 500mA of current.

Zuma’s dual-stage topology, pre-regulated outputs, optically isolated feedback, and advanced multistage filtering result in a power supply that allows your pedals to achieve their highest possible dynamic range.
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Art nr: 1048911
Inkommer 2020-10-15
These mounting brackets can be used to mount your Zuma high-current DC power supply underneath your PedalTrain® pedalboard.
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Art nr: 1054261
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Zuma R300 is the highest horsepower, most technologically advanced low profile effects pedal power supply. You get clean, rock-steady power for your 9V, 12V and 18V effects pedals in a pedalboard friendly, expandable package, giving you room to grow. Zuma R300’s ultra-low profile design means that it can fit under just about any pedalboard.
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Art nr: 1055791
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