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Black Lion Audio B173 MkII

1-Kanals Mic Preamp 1073 Style

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Meet the Black Lion Audio B173 mkII — the most portable 1073 British-sound around! The B173 mkII uses the same Cinemag input and output transformers as our B173 Quad for a whopping 70dB of gain, a revamped gain stage, and a lower noise floor for cleaner, lower distortion sound. A front panel D.I. delivers a harmonically rich tone to guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers, and stepped input gain and variable output attenuation allow for perfect control over transformer saturation.


  • 1-channel preamp with USA Cinemag input and output transformers
  • Stepped gain control; variable output attenuator
  • Front-panel DI, phantom power, polarity-reverse, 18dB pad, hi-Z switch
  • External power supply minimizes noise
  • Convenient, rugged half-rack chassis
  • Designed and assembled in the USA