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Warm Audio TB-12 Tone Beast Black

The TB12 "Tone Beast Black" is a fully discrete, high-voltage microphone preamplifier, utilzing CineMag USA Transformers. Have no fear of hurting the Beast, you can push it very hard into full-on distortion if you wish, and these can sound quite nice on electric guitar, bass or anything else that likes some grit.

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  • Up to 71 dB gain
  • Transformer bypass switch
  • Two different discrete OpAmps: 1731 (Vintage) and 918 (Cleaner)
  • Tone switch - switches the input impedance from 600 ohms to 150 ohms
  • Hi-Z input sends the signal through the complete circuit
  • Balanced outputs: XLR and 6.3 mm jack
  • Insert: 6.3 mm jack
  • 48V phantom power
  • External 24 V power supply
  • Format: 19"/ 1 HU