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Deluxe Music      Fridhemsgatan 40      Stockholm
08-566 31 800
Mån-Fre: 10-18      Lör: 11-16      Sön: Stängt


Split/Summerings/isolator-box som delar upp en XLR till två.
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Art nr: 1005809
Leveranstid ca 7-14 dagar
Building upon its 25-year legacy producing revered recording studio equipment, Manley Labs has distilled its CORE technologies from this lineage. 2014 delivers the Manley CORE, an innovative channel strip that combines Manley’s Greatest Hits with fresh technology. The remarkably intuitive front panel combines musical and forgiving circuitry that allows the musician to concentrate on his performance instead of being lost in a sea of knobs. Ease of use and intelligently chosen operating points make it virtually impossible to cut a bad sounding track! Manley’s experience and insight working with the industry’s top recording engineers and musicians culminates in the CORE. At this price, there is no other channel-strip with higher headroom or more seductive sound than the CORE. Handcrafted in the USA, built like a tank, built to endure, the epicenter of your recorded art will be the Manley CORE.
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Art nr: 1043210
Leveranstid ca 7-14 dagar
The UK Sound 1173 is the result of a design collaboration between Los Angeles-based producer Warren Huart and gear designer Michael Stucker, produced and manufactured by UK Sound. The UK Sound 1173 brings the best of both worlds into a single unit, offering a Neve style 1073 preamp and Universal Audio 1176 FET compressor.
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Art nr: 1055152
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A2 Discrete Class A and Tube Stereo Processor
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Art nr: 1018460
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2-Kan MicPre/EQ/Compressor taget från Neve's V Series Bord 3-Mån Garanti
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Art nr: 1025461
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Polar Studios klassiska Calrecbord har styckats ner och modats om till ett handfull Channelstrips som vi får ta del utav. Denna Channelstrip andas en del av svenska musikhistorien på samma sätt som Calrec anses bland många ljudtekniker vara bland de finaste i hårdvara man kan sätta fingrarna på. 6-Mån garanti
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Art nr: 1034704
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