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PSI Audio Sub A125-M Red

Kompakt 225W Subwoofer Röd

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With its exceptional acoustic design, the A125-M is equally suited to use as a mono subwoofer or LFE in surround sound applications or as a bass extension in a stereo system.
Working in perfect unison with all speakers from our range, the A125-M offers all the power with outstanding accuracy.
The low frequencies are where sound becomes tactile, engulfing listeners in a full-body experience. And while sheer power can certainly create a memory, a truly lasting impact can only be achieved with precision. The A125-M offers this very precision.

PSI Audio has translated its general approach of unaltered, maximum fidelity reproduction to the bass spectrum, allowing for a riveting experience that will change the way you work.
Taking the guesswork out of the bass management, the A125-M grants an accurate representation of what is really going on “down below”.
Take control and create a sonic wonderland that reaches throughout the entire spectrum with no insecurities and no need to double-check your work on a different system. Get a subwoofer you can trust.

Main Features:

  • Power: 225W
  • Frequency Range: 28Hz – 100Hz
  • Max SPL: 109dB
  • Typical listening distance: from 1.5m
  • 100% Analog – No DSP
  • Flat frequency response
  • Class G/H Amplifiers
  • Individually calibrated
  • 5+1 years warranty
  • Handmade in Switzerland