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Compact very high performance 2-way studio monitor

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Compact, high performance 2-way studio monitor utilising ATC's proprietary

Constrained Layer Damping (CLD) bass/mid driver. CLD technology employs a multi-layered composite cone with a central damping layer that effectively reduces the effects of cone break up.The result is a drive unit capable of delivering exceptional clarity, even at high drive levels.

The unique dual suspension topology of ATC’s SH25-76 tweeter ensures pistonic motion of the voice coil former without resorting to the use of Ferrofluid, ensuring a more consistent performance over extended periods of time.

Ideally suited to:

- Critical near-field listening applications in all control rooms;

- LCR and surround monitoring in small-to-medium control rooms.

- Compact high performance 2-way studio monitor.

– Surround channels for immersive audio (Auro 3D, Dolby Atmos, DTS-X)

  • Proprietary ATC 150mm/6˝ CLD Mid/Bass Driver.
  • Proprietary ATC 25mm/1˝ Dual Suspension Tweeter.
  • Wide dispersion.
  • On board ATC built two way 250W Bi-Amp Pack
  • Heavily damped Aluminium cabinet
  • 6 year warranty