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GRM Tools Classic 3

GRM Tools Classic is an inescapable bundle of eight audio plug-ins that offers powerful audio processing and creative sound design features.

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Products included in this Bundle

  • BandPass

Gives you a dynamically controllable electronic chisel to carve your way through the highs and lows of a sound. Create dramatic effects as you focus on the high or low frequencies in a sound, simulate analog subtractive synthesis techniques.

  • Comb Filters

Lets you add power and resonance to a sound, transform a sound's timbre, smooth rhythmic sounds into long continuous sounds.

  • Delays

Lets you create and control any type of delay line from echo to reverberation to phase shift, soften instrumental attacks, create a wide variety of very special effects.

  • Doppler

Lets you move sounds through an audio space with changes in pitch that correspond to their movement. You can also transform sounds through loudspeaker modulation, create unusual vibrato effects.

  • Freeze

Lets you freeze a fragment of a sound and scrub through the fragment with loops of different sizes at different pitches.

  • Pitch Accum

Lets you create two distinct 'shadows' of a sound at different transposition levels and at different delay intervals.

  • Reson

Lets you create new sounds from current sounds by rebalancing and redistributing the sound's resonant frequencies.

  • Shuffling

Lets you create an unusual resonance or reverberation, fill an audio space with overlapping fragments of a sound, turn a single voice into a crowd.