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The Ultimate Mainstage Media Player

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Advanced Touchscreen Digital Workflow

Navigate, search and load extensive music libraries plus edit track lists with 'on-board' Crate management. Gesture manipulate large waveforms and scrub through overviews, while visualizing essential DJ workflow info. Also, execute internal analysis of previously unanalyzed music files directly within the SC6000 itself - just 'plug in & play out!'

Limitless Performance Flexibility

Exceed any previous DJ performance boundaries! The SC6000 is dual-layer capable, playing two separate tracks simultaneously. Its jog-wheel has an increased 8.5" 'handson' platter surface area for track cue, pitch and scratch manipulation. Add new rubber button, subtly lit and tactile feel trigger pads for more performance & mix creativity.

Future Ready Media Playback

With dual output 24-bit, 96kHz digital audio quality, the SC6000 supports all major compressed and uncompressed music file formats – including FLAC, ALAC and WAV. With built-in WiFi and wired internet connectivity, DJs can now stream music, standalone, from partnered services Beatport, Beatsource, Soundcloud and TIDAL.

10.1” HD Touchscreen

Search, load, play and 'feel' your music with the industry's largest and most advanced multi-touch DJ workflow display. Interface and perform like never before!


Mix and perform simultaneously with dual-layer audio tracks and via the SC6000's two independent analog/digital outputs./p>

Best in Class Time stretch

Open Format, cross-BPM DJing perfection! Artifact free, sonically perfect audio reproduction, for pitch locked, extreme track tempo changes.

8.5" Jog Wheel

Nudge pitch, back-cue and scratch with the SC6000's 8.5" platter with selectable tension adjustment. View and customize center display track and logo artwork, changing platter LED ring colors too.

Harmonic Mixing Perfection

The SC6000's onboard musical keyshift and instant match feature enables beautifully harmonic DJ sets to be performed with ease. Create sonic textures with just the touch of a finger.

Performance Pads

Trigger Hot-Cues, engage Loop regions, Roll and Slice your beats with 8, responsive rubber performance pads – now with sophisticated design illumination for improved club visibility.

No Limits Media

Handle all digital music libraries and enable DJ 'hand-offs with 3 x USB and 1 x SD media inputs. Travel with large terabyte music collections, accessing the SC6000's built-in internal HDD bay.

SoundCloud Go+ Streaming Service

3 MONTHS FREE access to SoundCloud’s Go+ account! SoundCloud, known as the world’s largest and most diverse platform of digital music, brings a unique and personalised experience to Engine OS standalone devices without the need of a computer. Once activated, DJs can access their entire SoundCloud Library including their own tracks, created/liked playlists, albums, liked tracks, play history, followed artists as well as SoundCloud’s own curated playlists. SoundCloud Go+ includes both regular (128kb/s MP3) and high quality (256kb/s AAC) playback options. As with all streaming services, performance data such as BPM, Key, Hot Cues, and Loops are saved to the DJ’s source drive and instantly recalled the next time the track is loaded. For more info on SoundCloud Go+ visit:

Touch FX

Use the touchscreen to control and interact with FX in a whole new way. Touch FX bring powerful effect combinations to your fingertips. Swipe in any direction to instantly create build-ups, drops, and transitions. The added ability to latch Touch FX allows you to focus on other aspects of your mix while the effect remains active. 

  • Filter Echo
  • Filter Reverb
  • Filter Roll
  • LFO Echo
  • Filter Dub Echo
  • Filter Gate
  • Noise Gate
  • Flanger
  • LFO Filter
  • Filter


Main FX

This suite of dynamic effects provides DJs with easy-to-use tools to build energy, create drama, aid with transitions, and individualize their performances. 

  • Echo Out
  • Swell Verb
  • Hold Echo
  • Recycler
  • Stutter Out
  • Riser
  • Pitch Down
  • Scale Down
  • Reverb
  • LFO Verb
  • Reverb Drop
  • Reverse Reverb
  • Reverb Rise
  • Flanger (-)
  • Beat Break
  • Backspin
  • Brake
  • Roll



      • Audio
        • Analog Output: 2.0 Vrms (0 dBFS, 1 kHz)
        • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 116 dB
        • Distortion (THD+N): < 0.0015%
        • Frequency Range: 22–22,000 Hz
        • Digital Output:
          • Sampling Rate: 96 kHz
          • Bit Depth: 24-bit
      • Platter
        • Diameter: 8.5" / 216mm (diameter)
        • Material: Metal construction with display and touch-capacitive circuitry
      • Display
        • Main:
          • 10.1" / 257 mm (diagonal)
          • 10.11" x 6.9" / 257 x 175 mm (width x height)
          • Full-color LED-backlit display with touch interface
        • Platter:
          • 2.2" / 56 mm (diagonal)
          • Full-color LED-backlit display
      • Connections
        • (2) RCA output pairs
        • (2) coaxial digital outputs
        • (1) 1/8" (3.5 mm) mini TS input (remote start)
        • (3) USB Type-A ports (for USB drives) (Rear-panel ports supply 900 mA for USB 3.0 devices, 500 mA for USB 2.0 devices. Front panel port supplies 500 mA for USB 2.0 devices only.)
        • (1) USB Type-B port (for computer connection)
        • (1) SD card slot
        • (1) Ethernet link port
        • (1) IEC power input
        • (1) 2.5" SATA HD bay
      • Power
        • Connection: Locking IEC
        • Input Voltage: 110–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
      • Dimensions (Width x Depth x Height)
        • 319.5mm X 463.3mm X 151.17mm
      • Weight (Without USB and Power Cable)
        • 5.8 kg
    • Supported Media
      • Type:
        • SD/SDHC card
        • USB mass-storage devices (flash memory, external HDD enclosures)
        • 2.5" SATA hard drives
      • File Systems:
        • exFAT
        • FAT32 (recommended)
      • File Formats:
        • AAC/M4A
        • AIF/AIFF (44.1–192 kHz, 16–32-bit)
        • ALAC
        • FLAC
        • MP3 (32–320 kbps)
        • MP4
        • Ogg Vorbis
        • WAV (44.1–192 kHz, 16–32-bit)