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Denon DJ’s modular and standalone DJ media players represent the apex level of laptop-free DJing with the most creative, future embracing performance technology for DJs. Powered by the world’s most advanced embedded software, Engine OS, the SC range of digital media players feature large and responsive HD touchscreen workflow, pristine audio control plus pro-grade connectivity for pro-mobile, club and mainstage gigs. All players are WiFi enabled for access and playback of premier music streaming services such as TIDAL and SoundCloud, plus offer performance flexibility with dual-layer playback, on-board music analysis and realtime pitch shift/sync too. Familiar multi-gesture support brings fast and easy touchscreen collection management (including adding, editing and re-ordering playlists and crates) alongside comprehensive search/filter operations plus track loading with a single finger swipe. The (5000/6000) ‘M’ units feature motorized platters, combining the ultimate turntablist, legacy vinyl DJ experience with powerful creativity in digital music playback features.