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Gon Bops Large Caxixi

100% Handvävd Large Caxixi

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100% hand-woven in Brazil from sustainable natural materials, Gon Bops Caxixi deliver lively, organic sounds that provide excellent rhythmic accompaniment and color.
The combination of wild banana tree seeds striking the hard gourd-skin base produces a sharp, high-pitched tone, contrasting with the softer, deeper pitch when the seeds strike the woven body.
Sold as single shakers in 3 sizes – mini, small and large – Gon Bops Caxixi are ideal for playing an endless variety of rhythms and sound effects. They can be played individually, or as different-sized pairs for contrasting tones.

  • Material: All-Natural materials, Sustainable Wild Banana Tree Seeds, Hard Gourd Skin Base
  • Tone: Provides excellent rhythmic accompaniment and colour
  • Features: Hand-woven in Brazil