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Valter Cajon Beatbox

Cajón BeatBox 47x30x29cm

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Combines features from more expensive models with a modest price.

- The nice looking smoke stained front has our special coat on the inside for higher snare sensibility and gives a perfect mix of fat bass and crisp slaps. - Option to keep the bass tones clean from snare thanks to our new iiSNARE.

iiSNARE is a 4-string snare that gives you the possibility to isolate the snare effect to the slaps and keep the bass tones clean and dry. It´s Incredibly responsive.

BASS PROJECTION RING is a reinforcement around the sound port that gives better volume and body to the bass tones.

CAJON DAMPER PAD helps to control the sustain of the bass tone and it also minimizes disturbing midrange overtones.

Dimensions: 47x30x29cm

Front: 3mm smoky birch

Body: 9mm birch plywood

Back: 4mm birch plywood