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4 band Audio Equalizer

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The EQ570 is a solid well built four band EQ. With extremely low phase shift, and gradual curve filters that make it one of the most musical sounding EQ’s we have ever built. 

We have been building EQ’s in the USA since 1989. We have released many different models, from dual 31 band graphic’s to four band parametric’s we have built them all at one time or another. We put all of our experience into building one of the best sounding EQ’s we have ever built. 

Not all records sound great, some of the “new” recordings lack dynamic range and seem overly compressed. Why suffer from glaring treble or poor bass response due to a bad recording? It’s silly to suffer through bad recordings for the sake of “purity.” There’s no reason EQ controls can’t be implemented and used in ways that result in a net sonic improvement, and of course they can always be bypassed when a great recording is being played.