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TK Audio BC1 THD

The Successor to BC1, BC1 mkII, BC1s, BC1 LTD

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The BC1-THD provides smooth bus compression that applies for both mixing and tracking. Engineers call it “The Magic Glue” when the BC1-THD’s transparent compression strengthens mixes without compromising clarity. The built-in blend control makes it easy to apply parallel compression by adjusting the blend of dry and compressed signal. A switchable sidechain filter can be applied which makes the BC1-THD less responsive to low frequency energy. The THD function adds more harmonics to the signal and the “grab” mode selects a harder threshold knee on all four ratio settings. Smooth and transparent compression will never go out of fashion.


  • 3 HPF Frequencies 80, 150 & 220hz
  • Grab Function (Harder Knee)
  • Selectable THD Function (Adds Even Harmonics)
  • Additional Attack times