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Genelec GLM Set

GLM™ kit inkl. kalibreringsmikrofon.

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With GLM 4 you can...

• Automatically adjust in-room frequency response, distance delay and listening level.
• Adjust, personalise and store any automatic setting freely.
• Create and expand systems to suit all types of stereo, multi-channel or 3D immersive audio formats.

• Sample room responses in an unlimited number of microphone locations.
• Switch between multiple monitoring systems using the same DAW outputs.
• Activate solo, mute and standard calibrated listening levels.
• Engage bass management or entire system delay offsets.

• Switch between listening locations, including individual monitor time offsets.
• Manage and control more than 80 Genelec monitors and subwoofers.
• Access GLM Cloud services for the latest updates and to contact our expert helpdesk.
• Enjoy the benefits of consistent performance and accurate monitoring in any production environment.