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PSP Audioware N20

Multi-Effects Plug-In

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PSP N2O is a semi-modular multi-effect plug-in which offers unparalleled flexibility and total sound creation freedom.  he high-quality sound processing modules can be routed in any configuration, allowing for endless musical journeys.


  • Up to four sound processing operators at a time: morphing resonant and formant filters, eq, delay, reverb, pitch-shifting, compressor/expanders, bitcrushing, distortion, full-wave rectifiers and more
  • Up to four modulators at a time: LFO, envelope detector, and ADSR step sequencer
  • Eight assignable knobs with quick MIDI learn options for convenient access to the most essential preset parameters
  • Built-in limiter that uses algorithms from our well regarded PSP Xenon hi-definition mastering limiter
  • Three displays, simplified modulation setup, keyboard and mouse wheel support for easy preset creation and tweaking
  • Animated response plots
  • Sidechain input
  • Extensive optimization
  • 192 factory presets
  • Expandable architecture - new operators and modulator types to be added in future versions while preserving backward compatibility