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PSP Audioware ClassicQ

Flavor of vintage EQ's modern features Plug-In

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PSP ClassicQ is inspired by various classic British-style equalizers. It captures the sound and flavor of famously musical high and low filters (such as those in early Neve EQs), melded to very precise mid-range filter. In addition, PSP ClassicQ offers a selectable simulation of class A circuitry and output transformer for a unique, vintage-style color.

On top of these classic features, PSP ClassicQ adds extremely useful features such as an adjustable high pass filter, switchable Q for low and high-shelf filters, as well as a sweepable mid-range bell-type filter. The design of PSP ClassicQ lends it especially well to fixing and shaping individual tracks.

Also included is PSP ClassicQex, which is extended version of the PSP ClassicQ plug-in. All features of the previous version are available, but ClassicQex brings an additional Low Mid section for more precise tonal adjustments.