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Toontrack EBX Fretless

The fretless bass, the presets and the MIDI you need for flawless composition across the genres.

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The Fretless EBX is an expansion for EZbass  and comes with a handpicked instrument, sampled in extreme detail to capture all of these unique characteristics. In addition to the sounds, it also includes a broad selection of presets as well as a custom content of MIDI tailored for fretless playing styles.

Immortalized by players like Sting, Les Claypool, Bernard Odum, Pino Palladino, Gary Willis and, of course, Jaco Pastorius, the fretless has truly become a mythical creature in the world of basses – revered for its tone but feared for its profound complexity to handle. Regardless of what style you’re looking to write, welcome to a bass that encompasses the entire dynamic and tonal range needed to cut through on both ends of the extremes. This is a bass that lets you paint with sound – outside the lines. Literally.

  • A meticulously captured fretless, top-shelf bass
  • Includes a collection of presets covering a broad range of tones – from dark and mellow to bright and articulate
  • For use in any style where the bass has a prominent role
  • Includes a custom MIDI library tailored for the instrument and fretless playing styles