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SolidGoldFX 76 MKII

Multi-Voiced Silicon Octave-Up Fuzz

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While the Western world was preoccupied with smooth and soulful Fuzz Faces and Muffs, the Orient was bubbling up with gnarly mystical fuzzes, heavily imparted with earthshaking Godzilla DNA. This very distinct era in fuzz history gave us many treasures that have been rightfully crowned fuzz legends: the Univox Super Fuzz, Ibanez Standard Fuzz, Ace Tone Fuzz Master, Shin-Ei Companion and several others.

Just like its predecessor, the SolidGoldFX 76 MKII offers up a comprehensive guided tour to the best that the Standard Fuzz and its ilk has to offer without any of the drawbacks. On face value, the improved 76 MKII gives you a multi-voiced fuzz unit that offers loads of octave-up snarl and clang, at the same time as ruthlessly pummeling your amp with hair and fangs, while the top mounted jacks and new JFET Preamp stage all helps to make the pedal easily fit into any modern setup.

Main Features:

  • Silicon Octave Fuzz pedal
  • Inspired by the Ibanez Standard Fuzz circuit – for maximum fuzz awesomeness
  • Uses a JFET Preamp stage and a quartet of high-gain Toshiba transistors (new)
  • Octave bypass switch – intended to tame the wild
  • Dual independent Texture and Color tone stacks for precision audio sculpting
    • Color toggle switch for switching between three different frequency ranges from scooped to full frequency fuzz tones
    • Texture control sweeps the mid-range for many flavours of Fuzz
  • Soft-touch True bypass switching and top-mounted jacks (new)
  • Made in Montreal, Canada
  • Powered by 9V DC PSU
            (centre -, 2,1 mm, 10 mA current draw)