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Sonicware LIVEN LoFi-6

Limited Edition Retro Lo-fi Sampling Groovebox

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The LIVEN Lofi-6 has a 6kHz – 16bit sampling engine with the TUBE mode that will turn any sound into a pleasing vintage sound. The ultimate low-frequency sampling of 6kHz, which has rarely existed before, creates a nostalgic sound with the warmth of the ’50-’60s, as you will have heard on old-time radio and TV shows.

● Ultimate retro 6kHz sampling engine

● TUBE mode reproduces the fat bass and crisp sound of a vacuum tube amplifier

● Almost all the features of the acclaimed "Lofi-12"

● Powerful 4-track sequencer with parameter and sound locking

● 12 types of Effects on each track and 9 types of Master Effect


The LIVEN Lofi-6 has all the features of the LIVEN Lofi-12 except for a different sampling frequency and the 12bit sampler mode.

The Lofi-6 is a sampler that allows you to create music flexibly. By using the laid-back feature, you can slightly delay the snare drum sound in your drum pattern, or use the Parameter Lock function to shift the sound timing later for each step individually. Also you can resample your keyboard playing along with the pattern and play finger-drumming by auto-slicing a sample.  

The LIVEN Lofi-6 is equipped with the powerful 4-track step sequencer that has earned the LIVEN XFM a solid reputation.

You can easily create a 4-part song by selecting a sampled sound for each track, and with the Sound Lock function, you can easily switch sampled sounds for each phrase or sequencer step, allowing you to use an almost infinite combination of sounds within a single song.


Power supply & batteries are not included
9V DC 1A, Polarity: Center +
6 AA batteries