Taylor 500 Series

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Taylor 500 Series Guitars

Mahogany back and sides feature a choice of three distinctive top options: Lutz spruce, mahogany, or cedar.
Boasting rich midrange and warm, articulate tones, tropical mahogany has established itself among the tonewood elite. Many consider these striking all-gloss guitars the ultimate fingerpickers — especially the cedar-topped 514ce and 512ce — while bolder strummers and flatpickers may lean toward the bigger-bodied 510ce and 516ce. Guitarists of all styles will enjoy recent expansions to the 500 Series, headlined by the new Grand Pacific 517, a round-shoulder dreadnought that blends the inimitable clarity of a Taylor with greater warmth and low-end response. The 517, along with Grand Auditorium and Grand Concert models in the 500 Series, also feature V-Class bracing, a tone-enhancing innovation that pushes greater volume and sustain from our acoustic guitars while eliminating many common intonation problems. With a more musical tone and new options across the Series, our mahogany guitars have never given guitarists more creative space to thrive. Visually, engraved Deco Diamond inlays and faux tortoise shell binding honor mahogany's classic heritage.