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Yamaha RBS1455WLN Recording Custom Wood Classic Walnut

Yamaha Recording Custom Wood Snare Drums 14"x5,5" Classic Walnut

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One-Piece Lug
The revamped modern design retains the traditional essence of the Recording Custom. In order to maximize the attenuating properties of the birch wood, the one-piece lug design ensures optimum sustain of the core sound producing a crisp, articulate tone.
100% North American Birch Shell
The 6-ply, 6 mm 100% birch shells have a unique sonic characteristic that ensures each stroke speaks clearly. The 30-degree bearing edges deliver a sharp response and clear snare sensitivity across the dynamic range. The shells have a wide tuning range, respond well to different head choices and are easy to tune.
Q-Type Strainer
The heavy-duty Q-type strainer is robust and offers solid, stable and smooth operation along with adjustment and snare replacement.
Triple-Flange Hoop
This sturdy yet lightweight 1.6 mm hoop provides open sound, a wide tuning window and great backbeat feel.