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Deluxe Music      Fridhemsgatan 40      Stockholm
08-566 31 800
Mån-Fre: 10-18     Lör: 11-16      Sön: Stängt

Mixers & Summerare

Project recording and mixing console with 4 inputs, 16 channel summing mixer, stereo bus compressor assignable to Inputs or program bus and full center section.
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Art nr: 1041080
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16 kanals Class A/60V analog outboard-summering med separat insert och direct out på alla kanaler. Rackformat (2 HE).

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Art nr: 1001009
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Designed for the DAW user that seeks the legendary big sound of an SSL console while retaining the convenience of working in the box, Sigma is a unique DAW automated SuperAnalogue summing engine.
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Art nr: 1040678
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The S-Blender is a mini mastering console with two stereo inserts for parallel / serial processing and a perfect tool for mixing and mastering. The five-step mode control changes the signal path, and numerous combinations can be tested without reconnecting any outboard. The first insert has a semi-fixed position and the second insert can be positioned at four different points in the signal path. At the push of a button the two inserts swap position and by using the mute buttons previewing can be done without altering the level controls. For easy integration the Blender has a separate monitor section with volume control and mono switch. It's the optimal unit for two-stage compression combining parallel and serial compression in a clean and simple way.
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Art nr: 1039438
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