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Freqport Freqtube FT1

Quad Tube Analog Processor with Digital Plug-In Recall

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  • Connect to host using only a USB-C cable.
  • High voltage internal tube driver circuits.
  • High end pro-grade 32bit converters up to 192kHz sample rate.
  • 2 x E83CC/12AX7 high gain top quality tubes
  • 2 x 12AT7 mid gain preamplifier tubes for softer character.
  • Selectable overdrive with clipping detection.
  • Assignable knobs for tactile tweaking of analog parameters.
  • Analog gain, mixing, drive, phase control and harmonics control.
  • Primary and parallel multi-mode hardware filters.
  • Multi-Instance. Run multiple plugin instances at one time anywhere in your digital workflow.
  • Seamless bit perfect audio transfers into your digital workflow
  • Recall of all analog parameters - each time you revisit your mix the settings will be the same!
  • Solid all metal enclosure.