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6 slot Lunchbox with built-in Power Supply. The latest version with XLR and DSUB I/O´s
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Art nr: 1012884
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Few equalizers enjoy the respect and admiration of the coveted API 550A. Designed by the now legendary Saul Walker in the late 60's, the discrete 550A was first used as a modular OEM equalizer. As the industry rapidly embraced the sonic quality of the 550A, it quickly found it's way into many custom console designs by Frank DeMedio and other leading engineers. Many of these consoles are still in use today.
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Art nr: 1037546
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The API 550 EQ played a major part in the history of music recording in the USA during the 60's and 70's. Originally conceived for use in API's consoles, this latest 550 "B" version is a continuation of the original 1967 550 through the 550A with one additional filter band and several new frequencies. Incorporating API's exclusive circuitry and proprietary components (such as the legendary API 2520 op-amp), the 550B artfully blends the past with the present. So many hit records still depend on the unique 550 sound, that the 550B will be an invaluable tool you will turn to again and again. The API 550B—unlike any other you will ever use.
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Art nr: 1017778
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Originally conceived for use in API Consoles of the 60's and 70's, the API 560 re-issue is a unique device designed to accomplish tasks that no other EQ can do. It delivers that "one-of-a-kind" API sound, precision easy set filtering, and high headroom in a very small package. Extremely fast to set and reset using accurate zero detents, the curve shaping potential of the 560 is unmatched. At home both in field recording and the studio environment, this "new-old" version is a re-issue of the original 560 with improved resolution in the critical area of ±4 dB. Incorporating API's exclusive circuitry and proprietary components (such as the legendary 2520 op-amp), the re-issue of the 560 artfully blends the past with present—layout with function.
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Art nr: 1016184
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The 1073D (Deluxe) is essentially a 1073 module with extra high frequencies and a direct input for the 500 series market. Built using the same exact parts as the 10 series module, the 1073D features Carnhill transformers, Elma gold plated switches and Canford wire making this the best sounding Class A mic‐pre EQ module on the block.
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Art nr: 1051092
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This is the 500 Series version of the 1073MP (a mic pre-amp version of the 1073 equaliser) having the same well-known characteristic Class A sound with its harmonically rich low end, slight resonant highs, and maintained focused mids. Two selectable impedances makes the 1073MPL work well with a variety of microphones. As a coloured and versatile mic-pre, the 1073MPL maintains its sonic signature across a wide bandwidth.
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Art nr: 1046474
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Classic sounding tube preamp in a 500 series package, using a dual triode circuit with a 12AX7 tube
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Art nr: 1065087
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The dbx 520 will help you expertly tame the excessive sibilance often found in vocals and other high frequency dense material. Based upon the legendary dbx 902, the dbx 520’s unique features make it possible to achieve an exact amount of de-essing regardless of variations in signal levels. The 520 allows you to create brilliant, crisp vocals without sibilance!
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Art nr: 1049837
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The dbx 560A Compressor/Limiter offers legendary VCA-based compression in the increasingly popular 500 Series format. dbx has a much-heralded history with modular processors dating back to our 900 Series and the 560A continues that tradition.
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Art nr: 1049838
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The Electra combines no fewer than five EQ bands, and features four different filter topologies. This versatile, well-tuned feature set, combined with a clear and punchy tone, makes for a flexible all-round EQ that excels both at sweetening and problem-solving duties.
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Art nr: 1040554
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The PowerStrip is a three module rackmount power supply designed to bring the fun and excitement of 500 series modular audio to everyone!
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Art nr: 1050531
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