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Slate Digital Murda Melodies

The Ultimate Mangler Plug-in

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Legendary producer Murda Beatz has worked with some of the biggest acts in Hip-Hop,
including Drake, Travis Scott, & Migos. Slate Digital partnered with Murda on a revolutionary
new multi-FX plugin that offers producers access to endless sonic landscapes.
Twist, shift, mangle & more— Murda Melodies does unspeakable things to your track,
transforming it in ways you can’t imagine. Turn stock sounds into insane, unrecognizable tracks.
The same fire Murda creates in audiences around the world is captured in this incredible new

The heart of Murda Melodies is in its 8 effects knobs, covering modulation, reverb, synced
delays, reverses & more. And each knob interacts with the rest, leading into some truly
mind-bending sonic landscapes.

Easily sculpt your sound to perfection, with over 50 jaw-dropping custom presets made by
Murda and Slate Digital’s sound designers to get you up & running fast.

Change the pitch of your track over a whopping 4 octaves with a built-in pitch shifter, and for
crunchy lofi beats, introduce gorgeous nonlinear artifacts with Pitch Jitter. Set the balance
between shifted vs original pitch to dial in exactly the sound you need.

Get started fast with an insane collection of 50+ presets created by Murda Beatz.
8 Warping FX
This is where the magic happens. 8 insane FX that cover everything from modulation, to
saturation, synced delays, reverses & more.

  • Filters

Perfectly tuned filters for creating everything from underwater to telephone effects.

  • Pitch Shifter

Powerful pitch shifting capabilities with a massive range of 4 octaves, plus a lofi pitch shift mode.

  • Spread

Instantly add stereo width while keeping your track perfectly mono compatible.