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PSP Audioware Impressor

Refined Dynamics Processor Plug-In

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The PSP Impressor is a fully-featured, high precision compressor designed to process either whole mixes, busses or single tracks. PSP Impressor emulates the classic characteristics of compressors with valve and opto-electronic circuits as well as classic modern compression solutions. PSP Impressor also offers a highly configurable side-chain feature. The side-chain filter has a significant effect on PSP Impressor’s sound and operation. The filter also enables the user to operate the compressor as a de-esser or to lessen the pumping effects of heavy kick drums and the like, based on the side-chain settings.

The PSP Impressor offers a wide range of features:

  • a wide range of soft knee characteristics
  • either peak or RMS level detection
  • external or internal side chain signal with a smooth bell-type filter
  • an output algorithm which can operate as either a brick wall limiter or soft saturation algorithm to preserve peaks above 0dBFS.