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Legendary Channel-Strip Plug-In

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The SL 4000 B was released in 1976 and was famously used in the ‘Stone Room’ at London’s Townhouse Studios. The console was responsible for countless iconic records, including Phil Collins’ ‘In the Air Tonight’, The Buggles’ ‘Video Killed the Radio Star’ and Peter Gabriel’s ‘Intruder’.

Expertly modelled and with first-class integration with the SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer ecosystem, the 4K B plug-in is an authentic emulation of the SL 4000 B channel strip – full of tone, punch and rich non-linear analogue character.


  • Authentic model of the rare SL 4000 B; the SSL desk that started it all
  • Full of tone, punch, and rich non-linear analogue character
  • First class integration with UC1 and UF8 via SSL 360° and the Plug-in Mixer
  • Apple Silicon M1/ARM native support
  • Detailed circuit modelling (down to component level)
    • Jensen JE-115K-E Transformer Mic Pre
    • dbx 'black can' 202 VCA fader 
    • The 4000 B EQ was the precursor to the Brown Knob EQ found on the 4000 E. A very musical sounding EQ.
    • The 4000 B Compressor is unique in that it's based on the Bus Compressor design: Peak detection and with a Feedback VCA topology in the sidechain. It also has a unique De-Esser mode.
  • The 4000 B was the console installed into 'Studio 2 - The Stone Room' at the legendary Townhouse Studios, London and used on seminal albums by Peter Gabriel, Phil Colins & XTC.