SPL Madicon

The SPL Madicon is a MADI to USB audio interface offering 64 channels in and out offering high-quality recording and monitoring without the need for a DAW.

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The SPL Madicon is USB bus powered and connects to your computer via the Hi-Speed USB connector and lets you record 64 channels simultaneously at up to 24 bit /192kHz with extremely low latency.

The Madicon also features a powerful low-latency monitoring mixer with no less than 6 individual headphone mixers and a control room mixer. It also has talkback functionality and much more. It is also a great partner to the Madison Audio interfaces allowing you to connect up to 4 units and benefit from a powerful recording system with only 1 sample latency per device.

Small, the Madicon integrates perfectly to any small and large studios and thanks to the MADI protocol lets you run extremely long cable lengths (up to 2km) without any data loss. It also boasts a Toslink optical stereo output to connect to a dedicated D-to-A converter (for example the Crane Song Solaris) for the ultimate monitoring experience.

SPL Madicon Main Features:

  • 64 in and 64 output channels
  • Additional optical stereo output
  • 24 bit / up to 192 kHz
  • Hi-Speed USB
  • Low-latency monitoring (FPGA Monitoring Mixer)
  • Windows & Mac
  • USB bus powered
  • Made in Germany