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Dangerous Music Convert AD+

Stereo AD converter

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  • Sample frequency switchable in 6 steps
  • For universal compatibility with other devices
  • Calibration level in 3 steps switchable for compatibility with other devices
  • Two selectable discrete stereo input paths
  • "Clip Guard" prevents the red LEDs on the target (such as the DAW) from coming on
  • Custom-made digital display with normal and peak hold mode for precise optical feedback
  • "Zoom View" For a more accurate, enlarged resolution, only the upper 10dB of the signal level is displayed
  • Word Clock with three modes: Internal, External and Master
  • X Shaper
  • EMPHASIS Shelving EQ / Compressor
  • USB port for Mac / PC
  • Frequency Response (@ 96kHz): 20Hz to 20kHz (+0 / -0.035dB)
  • IMD (SMPTE): IMD 60Hz / 7kHz +4 dBu in: <0.0012%
  • Jitter: 16ps (100Hz to 40KHz), 18ps (100Hz to 1MHz)
  • Crosstalk attenuation: 118dBu from 15 Hz to 40kHz (+/- 0.04 dB)
  • 3-Pin IEC Auto Switching Power Supply, 120V (US) / 240V (Europe)
  • Dimensions: 19" 1U

Inputs / outputs:

  • 2 Switchable stereo input channels
  • 2 AES outputs
  • ADAT Optical output
  • SPDIF Optical output
  • SPDIF COAX output