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Sonnet RackMac Studio

3HE rackenhet för montering av en eller två Mac Studios.

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Convenient front panel operation allows you turn Mac Studio computers on with their own dedicated front power buttons, connect USB devices through passthrough USB-A ports, and access the computers’ front ports and SD card slots. The RackMac Studio design enables you to connect and disconnect cables easily without needing to remove the computers from the enclosure.

Openings on top of RackMac Studio ensure hindrance-free wireless signal access. The RackMac Studio is designed to allow normal WiFi and Bluetooth wireless operation in most configurations (depending on rack type and position in rack), so you can use wireless devices and iOS® device control apps.

Key Features

  • Rackmount Solution for Mac Studio
  • Ideal for Use in Server Rooms
  • Easy Computer Access
  • Front Panel Power Switches and USB Ports
  • Space for Storage
  • Open Slot and Port Access
  • Road Trip Ready
  • Front to Back Airflow Management