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TAD Sprague Orange Drop 225P capacitor 0.022uF

225P series Polyester film/foil capacitor 100V

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TAD Sprague/Orange Drops 225P series Polyester film/foil capacitors, 100V
are custom made versions especially for Guitar Wiring. 225P Orange Drops are recommended as upgrade, repair and restoration for typical US style guitars. The smaller size compared to other versions make them the perfect fit even smaller tone control cavities.

Typically used values in all well known designs and brands (but not limited to these):
0,022uF: Gibson Les Paul, SG, Explorer and ES-335 models
0,047uF and 0,100uF: Fender Stratocaster or Telecaster models

TAD offers these caps (Type 225P) in notably low tolerances (5%), temperature range (-55°C to +85°C) and with extra long wires suitable for point-to-point wiring. The distinctive tone of the TAD 225P Orange Drops is full and smooth yet clear and velvety. Guitars tone circuits also benefit from these capacitors.