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Duesenberg Lapsteel Alamo Ivory Black

Duesenberg Lapsteel Alamo Ivory Black

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Alamo Ivory BK

DB-DLS-AL-IR Black White

Duesenberg är välkända I Lapsteelvärlden, otrolig kvallitet genomtänkt design och försedd med deras egna prisbelönta multibender.

Talking about easy, the integrated "Easy-Shift Capodaster" enables you to adapt to key changes with the turn of a thumb-screw. Simply loosen the screw, place the capodaster where you need it and start playing. It also runs on a rail inside the fretboard so you cannot misplace it.

The Alamo is the first Duesenberg Lapsteel to feature true and specially designed singlecoils. They deliver the raw, transparent and characteristic tone that breaks up beautifully once you turn up the volume.

These pickups are housed underneath our unique "Phonico" pickup covers providing the Alamo with an original look that will turn heads.

The freely configurable Multibender is operated with the heel of the picking hand. Up to five levers can be mounted, which allow you to either raise or lower the notes on the individual strings to a preset pitch. Artists around the world love to use the Multibender to modulate chords, like from major to minor, adding a dominant seven or anything else imaginable.

Färg: Ivory Black
Stall: Multibender
Kropp Topp: Korina
Hals Greppbräda: Black Aluminum
Mensur Band: 25,5"
Halsmikrofon: VintageTrouble Neck
Stallmikrofon: VintageTrouble Bridge
Mekanik: Duesenberg Z-Tuner