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Strymon Blue Sky V2

Reverb Effects Pedal for Guitar

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Each of the new V2 products feature the following features: 

  • Full MIDI control, including MIDI clock sync and access to 300 presets via MIDI.
  • USB-C included as standard on each unit for MIDI-over-USB and firmware updates, which allows bi-directional MIDI communication with a single cable using Strymon’s Conduit interface. There will also be free editor/librarian support through the USB connectivity. The editor/librarian software is due to be launched in August 2022.
  • TRS full stereo inputs and a MONO/STEREO input switch on the back of the unit; a major improvement and much more convenient than having to take apart the pedal to change the internal physical jumper position as on the originals
  • All V2 models also now feature a brand new Strymon Class A JFET preamp, making every pedal sound better right from the outset.
  • A new state-of the-art 520MHz ARM processor to provide massive DSP headroom for seamless processing and improved audio quality
  • All V2 models (except Flint V2) now have six instead of five control knobs on the upper fascia allowing extra features and control.


The individual models’ feature updates are as follows:

BlueSky V2 - a dedicated knob for Shimmer level has now been added. This frees up one of the two 3-position switches to select any one of three different modulation levels. The spring reverb is also greatly improved, using a new algorithm based on the BigSky. Shimmer sounds are also improved and can now be used with the modulation selections to create super-lush ambient reverbs. Overall, the V2 is lusher and much more versatile than before, with sound options that were not available on the original.

  • High impedance ultra low-noise discrete Class A JFET TRS stereo input.
  • Low impedance independent TS stereo outputs.
  • Expression pedal input allows the connection of a TRS expression pedal, MiniSwitch, MultiSwitch Plus, or TRS MIDI connection.
  • USB jack for controlling via MIDI from a computer or for performing firmware updates.
  • Dedicated Favorite & On/Off footswitches