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Meris Preset Switch

Preset footswitch for Meris Pedals

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Meris Preset Switch 4-Way Controller
Instant Compact Control

The Meris Preset Switch brings 4-way control to your Meris pedalboard, allowing easy access to saving and recall of up to 4 internal presets to a single or even multiple* Meris pedals, with instantaneous preset switching. No external power is required, simply connect to your pedal’s EXP input with the single included TRS cable.

You can also control multiple Meris pedals with the addition of a simple Y cable* to create a full pedalboard preset system. Compact and boasting a stylish black finish, the Meris Preset Switch is designed to be aesthetically placed in front of 2 Meris pedals, its width being that of two of the pedals.

If you’re a fan of modifying your pedals or are an adventurous tinkerer, Meris has added a hidden PCB socket inside the Preset Switch which can be used for mini Arduino** DIY midi projects. This can turn your 4-way Preset Switch into a MIDI controller!

• Easily access up to 4 presets with instantaneous preset switching
• No external power required
• Connect with a single TRS cable (included)
• Control multiple pedals with a simple Y cable* 
    (*not included)
• Designed to be aesthetically placed in front of 2 Meris pedals
• Includes 1 Flat 11″ TRS cable
• PCB socket for mini arduino* DIY midi projects 
    (**arduino board not included)