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DOD Carcosa Fuzz

Superfläskig och supersnygg fuzz med stora möjligheter att forma ditt sound.

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DOD Carcosa Fuzz öppnar dörren in till ett alternativt fuzzuniversum där klassiska fuzz-ljud blandas med det experimentella och det abstrakta. .

BEFORE – Increases/Decreases the amount of fuzz.

OUTPUT - Increases/Decreases the overall output level, there is a lot of level here so this can be used as a boost.

AFTER - Bias Control changes the texture of the fuzz. Counter-clockwise attains loud and woody fuzz tones that clean up with the guitar volume knob, and full clockwise attains splatty and broken fuzz tones and horn-like vowel sounds and sustain. Middle-ranges go from familiar classic to more modern wall-of-sound fuzz voicings.

HI-CUT - Reduces the amount of high-frequency detail. Start at the 9:00 position and adjust counter-clockwise for brighter pickups, and clockwise for darker pickups. Don’t be afraid to use the extreme ranges of this control since changes to the AFTER bias control also change the tone of the fuzz. You may find higher volume boost settings or stage levels will also require high-frequency adjustment.

 DEMHE/HALI - Use the DEMHE voicing (Up Toggle Position) for a bass and low-mid boost which works great for clean channel usage. Use the HALI voicing (Down Toggle Position) for a bass cut that works great for dirty channel usage.