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Scopelabs The Periscope

Periscope is the first ever condenser microphone with built in compressor.

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Periscope is the first ever condenser microphone with built in compressor. It is not a linear or a clean microphone as our aim is not to have a flat frequency response nor to have specifications that just look good on paper. It is a really vibey, rich and fun microphone to use, that sounds awesomely good as well as being easy to set up in any recording situation.

You can use it as a room microphone for that signature squashy pumping and breathing drum sound, or place it close to a sound source to get more character or to increase the level of sweet distortion, you can hang it at the top of a staircase to grab all the echo and ambience, or put it in the most unusual place for the weirdest sounds that can help you during sound design. Its robust body is machined from solid aluminium which has taken 2 years to design and has been tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure complete performance. The copper sleeve not only serves its unique look but also ensures 100% shielding and grounding from interferences. The colour and shades of it will vary and change through the years as the copper adapts to your studio, making it very unique and personalised.

The circuit has been designed with reliability and tens of thousands of continuous hours of service in mind, it has also been stress tested to guarantee its longevity. Periscope has been described by many as adding the glue that was previously missing during recording and it will help you find your unique and distinctive sound regardless of your studio equipment.

  • Capsule type: POLARISED ELECTRET
  • Pick up pattern: OMNI-DIRECTIONAL
  • Frequency response: ADEQUATE
  • Dynamic range: ADEQUATE
  • S/N ratio: ADEQUATE
  • Power requirements: 48V @10mA (modern phantom power)