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Akai MPC Studio

Music Production Controller for MPC Software

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The new MPC Studio redefines tactile control with a hardware offering that intuitively delivers a modern and deep levelof command over the music production process. Together with the MPC2 Desktop Software DAW for both Mac and PC,MPC Studio offers a total creation package for the serious modern beat-maker and music producer.

MPC Performance and Control
At the heart of MPC Studio are the world-renowned 16 full-size pressure and velocity sensitive RGB-backlit pads withaftertouch. These pads optimise your performance to play and record patterns, notes, chords, and more with soundprecision and an accurate visual display of velocity and pad groupings.The new assignable Touch Strip will elevate any performance with invigorating expression. Add articulation to a string orguitar instrument, add modulation or pitch bend to a keyboard synth, control Note Repeat for hi-hats, snares, effects andmuch more. The assignable Touch Strip will quickly become your favourite tool to shape and sculpt your performancesand productions.The full colour LCD ensures users will stay locked into every creative moment with vibrant visual feedback. Scroll throughtrack names, plugin instrument presets, browse categories, monitor parameter values when dialing in effects, or trimand chop samples. The colour LCD makes work more efficient by enabling you to keep your eyes on the controller, andyour focus squarely on the music. Navigate sessions big and small with dedicated MPC Transport controls, completewith Locate buttons for time saving and precise location spotting.

MPC Studio Features

  • Complete MPC system with hardware and MPC2 Desktop Software DAW for Mac and PC
  • 16 velocity sensitive RGB MPC pads with aftertouch
  • Assignable Touch Strip for dynamic expression
  • Colour LCD Screen for vibrant feedback
  • Iconic MPC workflows including Quantize, Note Repeat, and 16 Levels
  • MPC 2 Software with Vocal Effects Suite, MPC Plugin Instruments, and 100+ plugins from AIR Music Tech