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Grado GS1000x Hörlurar

Continuing over two decades of one of the most important headphone designs, the now hybrid GS1000x reaches new heights when paired with X Drivers, new cables, and for the first time a combination of mahogany and ipê wood.

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There has been a reconfiguring of the GS1000x. This build is closely aligned with the previous GS2000e headphone, now featuring a hybrid wood housing consisting of a Mahogany wood outer with an Ipe wood inner chamber. This combination pairs extraordinarily well, elevating the sound signature of the GS1000x. Mahogany has been used in our headphones for many years over a number of model. wheras Ipe is new to the lineup. Ipe comes from the forests of South and Central America and is an extremely dense and resilient wood with unique characteristics that ages fantastically and looks beautiful.

When paired with the improved 4th generation dynamic drivers the Statement Series GS1000x headphone offers a new journey inside your music. The 50mm drivers have a reconfigured diaphragm, more powerful magnetic circuitry and a voice coil presenting a decreased effective mass.

Adding the new 12 conductor, super annealed copper nylon braided cable to the 4th generation drivers and reengineered hybrid housings presents you an experience of improved efficiency while reducing distortion to give you the music as it was meant to be heard.

The headband on the GS1000x is a fully adjustable black leather headband with contrasting stitching adding comfort while the standard G cushions bring the Grado sound full circle, making it possible for you to sit back and enjoy the music…

  • Tranducer type: dynamic
  • Operating principle: open air
  • Frequency Response: 8-35
  • SPL 1mW: 99.8
  • Normal Impedance: 38ohms
  • Driver matched db: .05
  • G cushions