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Slate Digital FG-DS 902

The Industry's Most Famous Analog De-Esser Now as Plug-In

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The Slate Digital FG-DS 902 faithfully recreates the tone of one of most legendary de-essers of all time. An intuitive interface, features that give you precise control over your sound, and organic, natural results—see why the FG-DS is the ultimate vocal powerhouse. DE-ESSING WITH ZERO ARTIFACTSSlate Digital’s developers worked tirelessly to emulate a transparent, musical de-esser that keeps all the clarity and drama of your original performance while taming sibilance organically.LASER-FOCUSED FREQUENCY REMOVALSlate Digital kicked things up a notch with “Listen Mode”, which lets you hear only the audio you’re removing. Adjust your parameters with pinpoint precision & get the exact changes you want.