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Rode NT55MP

Røde NT-55 i matchad par med extra kapsel. Cardioid och omnidirektional.

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The Rode NT55MP are simply a matched, stereo pair of NT55 microphones. The pair are matched in frequency and sensitivity response for accurate stereo audio pickup of vocal ensembles, instruments, ambiance and more. The NT55 feature a 3 position Pad switch for added headroom while capturing loud, peaking audio signal. A 3-position low-cut filter switch eliminates low frequency noise. The NT55 is an ideal choice for vocals, guitar, drums, cabinets and more. The NT55 includes interchangeable omnidirectional and cardioid capsules for even further flexibility.

  • Interchangeable Capsules Omnidirectional and cardioid capsules are included for added flexibility.
  • 3-Position Pad Switch 0, -10 and -20dB pad switch enhance headroom and minimize distortion
  • 3-Position Low Frequency Roll Off Flat, 75Hz and 150Hz roll-off filter switch minimizes low frequency noise.