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Waldorf Kyra

Kyra is a powerful, 128-voice hardware virtual analog synthesizer capable of creating a wide range of contemporary sounds for live and studio musicians.

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Kyra Specifications

Sound engine:

  • Virtual analog synthesis
  • 128 voices
  • 8 parts
  • All sound features can be used simultaneously


Oscillators per voice:

  • two Wave osc with 4096 waveforms
  • two Pulse osc
  • two Saw osc
  • two Noise osc
  • two Sub osc with several waveforms
  • Hard Sync
  • Hypersaw Mode
  • Oscillator FM and Ring mod
  • Oscillators are in two groups for better overview
  • All osc per voice are available simultaneously


Per part:

  • 9 simultaneously available effects
  • 6-slot Mod Matrix with multiple destinations per slot



  • 2 filters: 12/24dB and LP/BP/HP in all configurations
  • 3 envelope generators (EG)
  • 3 LFOs with 128 shapes each



  • 26 patch banks (A to Z) with 128 slots each
  • Arpeggiator with 128 preset patterns
  • Octave Transpose
  • Double Mode: layers the same sound two times and detunes them against each other



  • Sturdy full metal case
  • 256x64 pixel OLED
  • Kensington Lock



  • USB 2.0 for MIDI and audio
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru
  • 8 balanced analog audio outputs plus Headphone out


Audio interface

  • Kyra can be used as an audio interface
  • Audio is transmitted to the computer via USB in up to 24bit/96kHz
  • Each Part is transmitted to the computer in stereo (16 channels in total)
  • 2 audio channels from the computer can be played back through Kyra