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Deluxe Music      Fridhemsgatan 40      Stockholm
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Deluxe Music

Välkommen till Sveriges största Musikaffär!

Aktuella produkter

Analog Physical Modeling synth med flera synth/oscillator typer. 37-HQ Minitangenter
(3036:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1046555
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3-tons Sunburst med två single coil pickuper. En vintage klassiker som introducerades första gången 1965 och blivit en favorit bland Indie, Punk och Grunge-band.
(4556:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1047186
I webblager. ca 1-4 dagar
37-tangenters duofonisk analog synthesizer med Slimkeys
(7596:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1044813
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
Professional Arranger Interaktiv keyboard med 61 anslagskänsliga tangenter.
(4956:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1042264
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
Addictive Trigger is the world’s first intelligent drum replacer. How is it intelligent? To start, we created the powerful Audio Fingerprint™ detection algorithm. This system uses FFT analysis to accurately identify drum hits even if there is a lot of mic bleed or background noise in the source material.
(1196:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1047312
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
THE SOUND AND CONTROL OF A JUNO-106, THE SIZE OF A BOOK The limited-edition JU-06 is an authentic recreation of the iconic Juno-106 synthesizer. Sometimes described as one of the last great synths of the analog era, the Juno-106 became a favorite thanks to its warm sounds and instant sound-shaping ability. The new 4-voice JU-06 module continues this approach, with 23 parameters controllable via the front panel and that classic Juno sound – complete with the much-loved Juno chorus effect. There are some new additions too, including a faster LFO and continuously variable hi-pass filter (HPF). You can even slide the JU-06 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience.
(2476:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1047345
ASP800 är en kraftig preamp med vilken du kan göra inspelningar av absolut högsta klass - ett perfekt komplement till ditt ljudinterface.
(5996:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1046064
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
From major television networks to Hollywood soundstages, Broadcast & Production is the collection audio professionals turn to when they want to give their projects the finishing touches of power and perfection. With 18 state-of-the-art tools for audio restoration, mixing, mastering, and more, B&P gives you everything you need to take it to the airwaves.
(4079,20:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1017433
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
Essentially, the Trio6 Be is a three-way speaker with a 1” tweeter, a 5” woofer, and an 8” subwoofer. Yet, switching to FOCUS mode reconfigures Trio6 Be in two-way monitor. The Trio6 Be was designed to meet the standards of the most demanding engineers. This dual monitor is the new reference in its price range owing to its extreme neutrality, its precise stereophonic imaging, and its ability to resolve the most minute sonic details, while its Class G amplifiers deliver SPL levels to suit all musical styles.
(16800:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1046049
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
Sentry Noise Gate is your gateway to a noise-free and fully dynamic performance. Its cutting-edge multiband technology is set to cater to all of your hum and buzz-killing needs and with its highly intuitive design, you'll be dialing out that unwanted noise faster than an Yngwie Malmsteen arpeggio lick. Take control and enjoy the silence!
(1072:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1047339
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
Alla 18 Soundtoys plug-ins. Nya Effect Rack, PrimalTap, och Little AlterBoy. Ingen dongle krävs. 2 Auktoriseringar!
(3996:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1014474
I webblager. 1-2 dagar Finns i butik
THE SOUND AND CONTROL OF A JUPITER-8, THE SIZE OF A BOOK The legendary Jupiter-8 synth is back – as a limited-edition module no bigger than a book. Part of the Roland Boutique series, the JP-08 is all about hands-on control and that iconic Jupiter sound. With an array of 36 knobs and sliders from the original Jupiter-8 front panel, the 4-voice JP-08 is highly programmable and encourages sonic experimentation, especially with the built-in speaker and battery operation. Using Roland’s acclaimed Analog Circuit Behaviour (ACB) technology the JP-08 faithfully reproduces the original Jupiter-8 sounds and adds a few new twists in the form of extra LFOs and expanded VCO range. You can even slide the JP-08 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience.
(3276:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1047343
MÄSTERLIGT SOUND, UTOMORDENTLIG KREATIV KRAFT DD-500, fylld med nyutvecklad Boss-teknologi, är den mest kraftfulla och mångsidiga delay-pedalen någonsin. Denna otroliga verktygslåda för ljudskapande levererar 12 distinkta delay-varianter med exceptionell ljudkvalitet, djupgående editeringsmöjligheter, grafisk display, minnesplatser, MIDI och mycket mycket mer. Genom att erbjuda allt ifrån enklare ekon till klockrena emuleringar av klassiska delayer och överväldigande ambience-effekter tar DD-500 dig till musikaliska landskap du inte trodde var möjliga.
(2748:- exkl moms)
Art nr: 1046648
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