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Ludwig Club Date Pro Beat Shell Pack 24" Vintage White Marine

Shell Pack

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  • 14×24 Bass – Virgin Kick Drum, Imperial Lugs, Classic Claw Hooks, Club Date Bass Drum Spurs (PC40062)
  • 16×16 Floor Tom – Classic Leg Brackets, Imperial Lugs, Floor Tom Legs (3)
  • 9×13 Tom Tom – Classic Mount w/ Vibraband, Imperial Lugs, Accessory Tom Holder (1)


The new Club Date features a brand new shell layup of 2-ply maple outer, 3-ply poplar core, 2-ply maple inner.
Its sound offers full-bodied low-end combined with soft highs, and mids with pronounced volume.

Bearing Edge

Full round-over bearing edge offering bold bottom-end, and soft attack.