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Deluxe Music      Fridhemsgatan 40      Stockholm
08-566 31 800
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ATV aDrums Artist Standard inklusive AD5

When played gently, the drum is smooth and round. When you hit it hard, the drum has a commanding impact. Be inspired every time you practice, play, and perform. This is how you connect with your instrument. You desire more - raw power and emotion stir within you. These are the kind of instruments ATV creates for you.

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aDrums heighten the player's performance expression because of the way in which the feel and appearance of each instrument's size matches the sound it produces. The 18" kick drum, 13" snare drum, 14" hi-hat, and 18" ride cymbal provide attractive visuals, and also preserve the same striking feel and distance as acoustic drums, yet are the perfect size that's not too large for home or studio.
By providing plenty of depth for the kick drum and the floor tom, we let you experience the solid and massive lows of the aD5 both visually and by feel.

Drum Sound Module 1x aD5
Kick Drum 18” x 12” 1x aD-K18
Snare Drum 13” x 5.5” 1x aD-S13
Tom 10” x 6.5” 1x aD-T10
Floor Tom 13” x 12” 1x aD-T13
Hi-Hat 14” 1x aD-H14
Cymbal 16” for Crash 1x aD-C16
Cymbal 18” for Ride 1x aD-C18
Snare Stand 1x ADA-SS
Tom/Cymbal Stand 1x ADA-TCS
Cymbal Stand 1x ADA-CS
Multi Purpose Clamp 1x ACC-MPC
Trigger Cable 2x
Drum Key 1x

* Kick pedal, hi-hat stand, and throne are sold separately
* Installed size: approx. 150 x 130 cm
* Two trigger cables are included for kit expansion.



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