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U Vintage Design ProPack

Begagnad Channelstrip Mono 6-Mån garanti

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Vintagedesigns ProPack is more or less a CA73mk2 and a C1mk2 under the same hood. The signalpath is almost the same as in CA73mk2 connected to C1mk2 minus the C1mk2 outputstage. ProPack uses a new inputstage which is an updated version of the M81 inputstage. The gainswitch has 11 positions and a gainrange from 0dB to 50dB gain or 50dB to 80dB with the +30dB switch active. The instrumentinput uses the same FET circuit as in the DMPmk2 and CA73/81. Like the CA73/81units ProPack also has a separate XLR input but in the ProPack it's activated by a dedicated switch. New to ProPack is that the HP-filter is now a separate circuit and can be activated without activating the EQ section. An sequenceswitch for the EQ/compressor is also provided if you like to have the compressor pre EQ. An all new function is the "AIR" switch which boosts the high frequencies for a more "open" sound. The compressor section is the same as the C1mk2 except for an extra ratio position, 8:1.